2/10/12 MoChester unveils "MoChester LIVE"

We are happy to announce the birth of our latest endeavor - MoChester LIVE! If all goes well, we expect to have LIVE ONLINE STREAMING at most (if not all) of our future shows! The MO is going viral...ROC!!

There are a few ways to hear the LIVE stream:

1. listen on Facebook by clicking the "Live Stream" link in the left sidebar
2. listen on your phone by downloading the free SHOUTcast app, then find the "MoChester Live" station
3. OR you should be able to copy and paste this link into your browser: which will allow you to listen with iTunes or WinAmp, or any other media player that reads .pls files

One of those ways should work for you. If you have trouble with anything, try refreshing your screen or stopping and re-starting the player. If SHOUTcast acts up, simply delete and redownload the app.

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